What Are The Best Guns In COD Mobile?

When it comes to scoring victories in Call of Duty: Mobile, selecting the best weapons to suit varying styles of play is essential when attempting to gain the upper hand over the opposition.

After 13 seasons of content and the recent introduction of the Gunsmith, there are limitless combinations of attachments which enables a wide variety of weapons to be used in a number of different scenarios.

With so many weapons to choose from and new weapons being added to the ever-expanding arsenal on a regular basis, it can be tricky to determine which guns are the most effective to use in a match.

For those wanting to be the very best, here are the five best guns to be using.

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1)     Cordite

COD Mobile Best Guns
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The Cordite is arguably the strongest sub-machine in the entire game thanks to its incredible performance at long-distance alongside it excelling in close-quarters scenarios.

With any combination of attachment equipped on the SMG, the Cordite is very easy to control once the recoil has been tamed.

Once you’ve managed to master its recoil pattern, it is very easy to score a multitude of kills in a match.

2)     DL Q33

COD Mobile Best Snipers
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For those wanting to add a touch of flamboyance and flair to their gameplay, the DL Q33 sniper rifle is the perfect tool for the job.

Despite the slow bolt-action loading mechanic leaving you vulnerable to being taken out by a quick-firing opponent, the DL Q33 still delivers with a guaranteed one-shot kill from any shot that hits above the chest.

In some cases, the replica of the Intervention can dominate in close-range situations as it is relatively easy to score a no-scope.

3)     RPD

COD Mobile Best Weapons
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This may seem like an unusual choice, but the RPD is a solid weapon to use at longer distances.

Armed with a minimal damage drop-off and easy to control, the LMG is ideal for taking down opponents on maps that feature plenty of open spaces such as Crossfire.

4)     BK57

COD Mobile Best Weapons
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Unlocked at Level 115, the BK57 comes with a movement speed upgrade, improving your mobility when navigating the map.

Although its 48 damage may appear underwhelming, the high rate of fire and consistent performance when used at long range certainly compensates for it.

Regardless of map, the BK57 is perhaps the most versatile weapon to use on the entire game.

5)     HBRa3

COD Mobile Best Assault Rifles
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Last and by no means least is the HBRa3 assault rifle.

The rifle excels in the vast majority of situations, including when getting up close and personal with an enemy.

Thanks to its deadly accuracy and easy recoil pattern to master, the HBR is a great weapon to use if you are looking for a weapon that performs well in all scenarios.

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