Ys Online voice actors list - JP and EN VAs (February 2023)

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Image of a mythical character in Ys Online.
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Want to know who the Ys Online voice actors are? You're in the right place! With this mobile port of the hit RPG series out now, the chances are you'll want to see if there are any familiar voice actors among the cast. Will all the renowned cast members return from previous entries? There's only one way to find out.

In this Ys Online guide, we'll list all the voice actors currently confirmed to appear in the new mobile game. That's alongside an explanation of whether it has voice acting in the first place.


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Ys Online voice actors list

Character JP Voice Actor
AdolKaju Yuki
OlhaYui Ishikawa
RolaAyako Kawasumi
XisaAmi Koshimizu
SeraRie Tanaka
GeisMaeno Tomoaki
ErnstSeki Tomokazu
IshaOgura Yui
JueAsumi Kana
OrdOtsuka Akio
RabaShibata Hidekatsu

Check out the table above to see all the Ys Online voice actors who are currently confirmed to lend their talents to the game. As you can tell there aren't very many yet, since the game has only just launched and very few voice actors have been confirmed.


However, we'll update this guide as soon as more voice actors are announced, so you always know who plays your favourite character.

Image of various characters posing in Ys Online.

Does Ys Online have voice acting?

The good news is that yes, Ys Online does contain voice acting. While you may not think that after taking a look at our table for now, the game features plenty of voice acting throughout.


Luckily, that's been confirmed already. On the game's page on the Google Play store, it confirms that various voice actors from the original Ys VI will return to fully voice this mobile version. That includes names like Ishikawa Yui, Kawasumi Ayako, and Takaka Rie. For more confirmation on other names, we'll have to wait and see.

Therefore, while we may not have a full and comprehensive breakdown on all the Ys Online voice actors, it's good to know that they will appear in the game.

When is the Ys Online release date?

Ys Online has already released! In fact, you could pre-register for the game for several months. It had hit over 500,000 pre-registrations, which is proof of just how popular the game is shaping up to be.


In terms of a release date, Ys Online went live on August 30, 2022. As long as you've got it downloaded and ready to go, you were able to dive straight in. Even better, now the game is live the chances are more comprehensive details on the voice actors will crop up. As such, there really isn't long left to wait!

That's it for our look at the Ys Online voice actors. Be sure to check back often, because we'll update our list once more names are confirmed. Until then, bag yourself the latest Genshin Impact codes for some extra gacha freebies.