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Undawn - How to find cedar bark

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Multiple characters in Undawn.

If you just started playing, then you definitely need to know how to find cedar bark in Undawn. It is a rare crafting material, so you have to spend some time farming it.

Below, we will show you the only location where you can find this wood. Pay attention that in order for you to get it, you need to have an axe in your inventory, so make sure to craft one. But if you have just started playing, there is no need to worry! We will also tell you how to craft an axe. And now, let's start.

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How to get cedar bark in Undawn

Two characters are fighting a bear in Undawn.
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The location you need is Redwood Forest, where the Redwood outpost is located. Once there, go and chop trees with an axe. Since cedar bark is a rare resource, you will only have a small chance to get it from a tree, but you are guaranteed to get wood.

We recommend you look for bigger trees since they give more resources when cut; thus, the chance to get cedar bark increases. If you got really unlucky and didn't get enough of the desired materials and cut all the big trees, there is no need to worry, as they will respawn after a few minutes.

How to use cedar bark in Undawn

You will need to find this material during the Weapon Materials quest, which is one of the main missions in the game that you will face at the beginning of your playthrough. After that, you must refine it using the raw material workbench.

Your next task will be to craft HK416 assault riffle, and for this, you need the following materials:

  • Iron ore (15)
  • Tattered animal hide (15)
  • Cedar bark (15)
  • Common flaxseed (15)

Another way to use cedar bark is to sell it for gold. But its price is ten gold, so it is not very profitable, so you better save this rare resource for crafting.

How to craft an axe in Undawn

The first-level axe is one of the essential tools in the game and one of the first items you will craft. For this, just open the crafting tab in your inventory and look for an axe. To craft it, you need 60 pieces of wood and 30 stones, so it is cheap. And while you are here, make sure to check out our list of the latest Undawn codes.

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