How to fix the Undawn no server available error

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Giant zombie monster jumping toward the players in Undawn.
Credit: Lightspeed Studios

Can't figure out how to fix the Undawn no server available error? Here's what to do to get back on the road and whacking the infected. There is a new kid in the block of survival RPG multiplayer games, and Undawn has you and your friends live in a post-apocalyptic world, swarmed with infected. With your survivability chances close to zero, gameplay errors are still somehow the scariest parts of the whole thing.

In today's gaming landscape, online game releases are often plagued with errors, glitches, and server errors. Especially early into release. Connectivity is the name of these games, and more often than not, that same name becomes the main issue while trying to play it. The good thing is that, while someone would find these issues and errors exasperating, the way to solve these are common and shared among the many games that suffer them.

How to fix Undawn no server available error

If you wish to fix the Undawn no server available error, perhaps there is nothing at all you can do at the time. You see, new games and especially multiplayer open-world games, tend to have server issues due to high traffic and several server maintenance times.

Several different types of zombies running towards the player in Undawn.
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Credit: Lightspeed Studios

To be sure there are server issues or a scheduled server maintenance period, you can go ahead and visit Undawn's official Twitter handle. The developers update and communicate any server issues or server maintenance periods over there.

Connectivity troubleshooting tips for Undawn

While checking the server status and Undawn's official social media for any server outages, programmed or not, there are several things you can do to verify whether the present issues are on your side or Undawn's side.

Making sure the servers are online is going to be the first step. If everything seems normal, follow the steps below to make sure you connect successfully to Undawn's servers.

  • Reset your router and your PC. Many instances and background activities may be occupying some internet bandwidth, limiting your ability to connect properly to Undawn's server.
  • Update your PC, your game, and your GPU drivers. To ensure maximum compatibility across your hardware and software, be sure to keep your Windows installation up to date, along with your game installation and your GPU drivers.
  • Verify the integrity of your game files. Sometimes due to errors during installation or by updating your game, some of your game's files may become corrupted. Go ahead and open your Steam library, right-click on Undawn, and select Properties. Click on Local Files and select the Verify integrity of game files option. Steam will repair any files that have become corrupted by redownloading them from the cloud.
  • Add Undawn as an exception for your Anti-Virus or firewall software. Whenever you install a game that uses online features, you will often see a Windows alert that the application running, in this case, Undawn, is trying to connect to the internet. Be sure to click Allow whenever prompted to ensure that Undawn connects to the internet, and therefore, its servers.
  • Use an ethernet cable to ensure connection stability. While Wi-Fi may be a much simpler setup, using an Ethernet cable will ensure increased stability and limit any time-outs, lag, and latency.

Be sure to check Undawn's servers and follow the steps above to check whether there is an issue with the servers or with your setup. If you can play the game with no issues whatsoever, be sure to check out Undawn's character tier list as well as the latest Undawn codes to use in the game.

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