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Pokemon Sleep items list - All items and how to get them

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A plush Snorlax Pokemon toy relaxing in a pool of blue lights, representing a Pokemon Sleep item.

If you’re hoping to go to bed to find some good items waiting for you in the morning, you can help by knowing the Pokemon Sleep items list ahead of time. There was ways to increase your odds of getting particular items. If you’re not aware of them, you’re almost wasting time by dozing away. If you reason for sleeping revolves around in-game progression, at least.

Down below, we’re going to lay out a simplified look at the items in Pokemon Sleep you’ll want to watch out for. Some are more useful than others, but what you’ll gain from each will depend on the situation at hand: like what you’re trying to achieve in the game in that moment. If you know what you’re aiming for, you can take steps to get it more easily.

Pokemon Sleep items list - All items and how to get them

Here’s a list of the currently known Pokemon Sleep items and their effects. We’ll break down how to increase your chances of getting them in the paragraphs that follow:

Item Effect / Use
Bonus Biscuit+3 Friendship points
Dream Cluster LExchanged for Dream Shards
Dream Cluster MExchanged for Dream Shards
Dream Cluster SExchanged for Dream Shards
Energy PillowRestores 50 Energy
E-Zzz Travel TicketMoves you to another location.
Fire StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Focus IncenseDoubles the Research EXP for a single sleep session
Friend IncenseCauses at least one Particularly Hungry Pokemon to appear during Snack Time.
Good Camp TicketUnlocks the Good Camp Set for seven days.
Great Biscuit+3 Friendship points
Growth IncenseDoubles helper EXP for one sleep session.
Handy Candy LExchanged for even more Candy for a chosen Pokemon
Handy Candy MExchanged for more Candy for a chosen Pokemon
Handy Candy SExchanged for Candy for a chosen Pokemon
Helper WhistleCauses your whole team to immediately produce three hours worth of items.
Ice StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Ingredient Ticket LExchanged for cooking ingredients
Ingredient Ticket MExchanged for 30 cooking ingredients
Ingredient Ticket SExchanged for 10 cooking ingredients
King’s RockEvolves certain Pokemon
Leaf StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Linking CordUnknown
Luck IncenseDoubles Dream Shards for one sleep session.
Main Skill Seed+1 to a Pokémon’s main skill
Master BiscuitAwards max Friendship points to a Pokemon
Metal CoatEvolves certain Pokemon
Moon StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Oval StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Poke Biscuit+1 Friendship points
Premium Bonus Biscuit+4 Friendship points
Recovery IncenseDoubles Energy regain for one sleep session
Shiny StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Sub Skill Seed+1 to a Pokémon’s random Sub Skill level
Thunder StoneEvolves certain Pokemon
Water StoneEvolves certain Pokemon

The Pokemon Sleep item list above isn’t exhaustive just yet. That means it isn’t complete. As Pokemon Sleep is played more and more, we’ll get a better idea of the items available in-game and their specific uses.

For example, the exact amount a larger version of a known item is worth next to its smaller counterpart could take time to work out as they’re simply rarer or require more progression to unlock and reliably procure.

How to get more items in Pokemon Sleep

When looking for specific items in Pokemon Sleep, you can increase your odds by partnering with Pokemon that have specific skills to help with that.

While early Pokemon helpers tend to prefer producing berries, some prefer to produce items instead. By finding, befriending, and partnering with more of these Pokemon, you’ll produce more items with each sleep session, increasing your odds of finding a specific item you’re looking for.


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