MeChat redemption codes - Free gems (December 2022)

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Image of a host of 2D animated love interests in MeChat.
December 1, 2022: We checked for any active MeChat codes.

The time has come for another app to utilise codes. MeChat, if you haven't heard of it, is a relationship simulator game where you swipe on matches, and strike up a conversation. It can go wherever you let it; make friends, find a partner or just have some fun. Here are all the working MeChat redemption codes that have appeared.


The app's creators are constantly updating previous stories and adding new matches to the roster, and are now rolling out an update to the app that allows codes to be redeemed. Be sure to grab all of them while you can!

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All working MeChat redemption codes

  • For now, the team behind MeChat haven't released any codes that are active for very long. Any codes have been for the first 100 users, so have expired very quickly.

The following MeChat codes have sadly expired. These were last tested on December 1, 2022.

Expired codes:

  • No expired MeChat redemption codes yet!
Image of the MeChat code redemption screen.

What are MeChat redemption codes?

We assume any MeChat codes will give a stack of gems to players, or perhaps a new type of currency, given the app's recent updates adding more content.

Of course, we'll have to wait and see. Check back regularly, because we'll update our list once we know more!

Where can I get MeChat redemption codes?

Though none have been released just yet, the new redemption codes will likely be posted to MeChat's official social media accounts: their Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are listed on the app. There will probably be some codes posted to their Twitter, too. But don't worry - we'll keep an eye on them and collect all the working codes on this page.


It seems that the code function is only available to those with the latest update of the app - this being version 3.3.1. This has not rolled out to every user just yet, so you might need to wait until your app receives the update in order to find the codes box.

What are MeChat referral codes?

Now, these aforementioned MeChat redemption codes aren't to be confused with the already existing referral codes. These can be swapped between players, and will net you 30 Gems each.

You can find your unique referral code in the app, in the diamond menu. Hit Invite, and you can copy yours, or input someone else's code. Each successful exchange will net you those crucial gems.


What are gems used for in MeChat?

These mysterious gems in MeChat are the game's form of currency. You can spend them to choose locked dialogue options or activity choices while in conversations or on dates. They can also be used to unlock voice notes and pictures sent by your matches. If you run out of matches to swipe, you can spend some gems to refresh your choices instead of waiting.

You can buy gems with real money, or you can earn some by playing through more characters' stories and levelling up your relationship with them. Every time you do, you'll get some gems as a reward.

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