Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2 guide - Best team comps and boss strategy

A character wielding a magical item in Honkai Star Rail.

A character wielding a magical item in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2 can be a massive difficulty spike for players who have not been levelling up their characters. You need to plan which elements you want to use and bring the right characters to take on the final boss.

World 2 enemies are weak to Lightning and Ice, and we recommend levelling up your characters to at least level 30. With the right buffs, you should be able to beat all of the elites and the final bosses with ease.

Best characters in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2

There are just two elements you need to bring to World 2: Lightning and Ice. For the other two slots, you can just bring your strongest characters.

March 7th

March 7th is the best free-to-play character to bring to World 2. If you get enough Remembrance buffs, she can permanently freeze enemies and lock them out of action. Do note that you need to stack multiple Remembrance buffs before she delivers results, so you may struggle in the first few fights.


If you have Yanqing, he is an extremely powerful pick and will be able to wipe most enemies with a single use of his Ultimate. Since he is a Hunt character, his single-target damage is very high and he performs very well against elites and bosses.


For Lightning damage, Serval is the go-to option. No one can outmatch her ability to break shields against Lightning Weakness enemies currently. If you get Jing Yuan in the upcoming banner, he will be an upgrade to Serval.


Natasha is the only free healer we have at the moment, and if you don’t have Bailu you need to rely on Jarilo VI’s resident medic. She can heal allies, cleanse debuffs, and also break shields against Physical Weakness enemies.


Gepard doubles down as a shield-beaker for Ice Weakness enemies, and can also replace your healer. You will never have to worry about your health pool as his shields will keep your team protected from all incoming damage.


If you are struggling to kill enemies, Pela can help you greatly with her ability to weaken enemies and help you deal more damage. If you have a strong healer like Bailu, you can consider replacing March 7th with Pela and it should lead to better results.


Bronya is the Swiss army knife of Honkai Star Rail thanks to her ability to buff any character that scales with ATK. You can make your DPS characters deal a lot more damage and even take consecutive actions if you have Bronya on your team. If you have a free slot and don’t know who to bring, Bronya is a safe pick.

Best teams in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2

Here are our recommended teams for World 2 of the Simulated Universe.

Best F2P team - Serval, March 7th, Natasha, Fire Trailblazer

As we mentioned earlier, the two elements you need are Lightning and Ice. Serval is an excellent AOE DPS who can deal with robotic enemies, while March 7th’s Ultimate can crowd-control enemies.

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Serval will be doing most of the damage in this team, while Fire Trailblazer and Natasha will act as defensive supports. For this team to work, you want to get as many Remembrance buffs as possible to help March 7th spam her Ice attacks and freeze enemies, even when her Ultimate is not available.

Best budget team - Seele, Pela, Tingyun, Natasha

This team uses just one 5-star unit and while there isn’t a lot of Quantum Weakness in World 2, Seele’s base damage is so high that you should be able to brute force most enemies. We have Pela and Tingyun to break shields while also giving powerful buffs to Seele to boost her damage.

Natasha is a flex character in this team, and you can replace her with Gepard, Bailu, or March 7th. Gepard and March 7th can protect your team while also bringing more Ice damage for shields. Bailu can also help Tingyun break shields with her Lightning attacks.

Best high-end team - Yanqing, Tingyun, Bailu, Gepard

In this setup, we have two Ice characters and two Lightning characters. You should have no trouble breaking shields with this setup, and if you don’t have Tingyun built, you can consider using Serval instead.

Yanqing and Gepard work very well together, as shields are perfect for keeping Yanqing’s Soulsteel Sync buff active. With enough Freeze buffs from the Path of Remembrance, you should be able to crowd-control enemies and wipe them out with ease.

Best path in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2

Remembrance is the best path for World 2 if you want to use Freeze effects. Most enemies in this stage are weak to Freeze effects, and using buffs that make your Freeze effects more consistent can make your run a lot easier.

If you have enough shielding power in the form of Gepard of Fire Trailblazer, Preservation is also a viable option, but your shielders need to be strong enough to make a meaningful impact with the buffs.

That is all you need to know about beating Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 2. With the right builds and Blessings, you should be able to get past it without much difficulty!

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