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How to trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

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Harry Potter Magic Awakened characters stood together.
July 3, 2023: With the game fully out now, read up on how to trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. You'll need to do it to get the best collection!

We're here to help you learn how to trade cards in Harry Potter Magic Awakened. This new game finally introduces a feature most digital collectible card games lack: trading. Instead of destroying your duplicate cards, you can give them to other players and obtain the cards you are missing.

The game uses a Trade Token system, which allows you to trade with other players. If you're not sure how all of this works, we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you understand the basics of trading and get the cards that you need via the game’s Social Club feature.

Can you trade in Harry Potter Magic Awakened?

Yes, Harry Potter Magic Awakened allows you to trade your extra cards using Trade Tokens. You need to be part of a Social Club and have the appropriate rarity’s Trade Token to make an exchange. You can obtain these tokens from gameplay, or you can also grab them using Club Crests.

How to get Trade Tokens in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Before we get into trading, you need to have Trade Tokens to participate in the trade system. These tokens can be purchased using Club Crest currency, which is a digital currency obtainable from the game’s Social Club system. You can complete Club Adventures and obtain the currency for free.

  • Common Trade Token - 10 Club Crests
  • Rare Trade Token - 30 Club Crests
  • Epic Trade Token - 500 Club Crests
  • Legendary Trade Tokens - Earnable via Club Adventures

The Magic Pass can also offer trade tokens, but they only offer Common and Rare tokens, so you will have to rely on the Club system to get your share of tokens in the game.

How to trade in Harry Potter Magic Awakened

Make sure that you join a Social Club using the in-game menu else you will not be able to trade cards. Once you are part of a club, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Social Club Menu.
  2. Click on the Trade Cards interface.
  3. Send a Trade Request to another player in your club.
  4. Send between one to six cards of a chosen rarity. You can send up to 50 requests at the same time.
  5. Once a trade is accepted, a Trade Token will be consumed.

Do note that your cards will be temporarily locked until a trade request is accepted. If your requests are not accepted within seven days, your cards will be unlocked and your resources returned to you. You can also cancel any trade requests that you initiate at any time.

That is all you need to know about trading in Harry Potter Magic Awakened! If you want to leave your Social Club and join a different one, here’s a quick guide on how to leave a club. We also have a guide on how to get the Avada Kedavra card in case you are after the iconic spell.

For more, check out our reroll guide for Harry Potter Magic Awakened in case you don't have the legendaries that you want. We also have a guide on obtaining the pre-registration rewards if you have not claimed them yet.

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