Century Age of Ashes eggs - All eggs and how to get them

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Image of a dragon and its rider in Century: Age of Ashes.

Curious about Century Age of Ashes eggs? In this hit dragon combat game, you can unlock eggs to gradually hatch yourself a new creature for your roster. It's not a fairly easy process with quite a few steps and caveats, so we're here to help make the process a little bit easier.

In this Century Age of Ashes guide, we'll run through everything you need to know about eggs. That includes the different eggs actually available in the game, as well as details on how to get your hands on them, and ultimately how to hatch them.


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Table of Contents

Century Age of Ashes eggs list

Egg name Rarity
Rayless DepthsRare
Remote EstuaryRare
Misty TempleRare
Hidden GrovesRare
Forgotten BogRare
Wartorn ValleyRare
Dusty RuinsRare
Smoldering SandsRare
Arid BadlandsRare
Aster MeadowRare
Amber FieldsRare
Bloodsoaked GorgesRare
Ashen TaigaRare
Valkari EskersEpic
Kørpijnen ShoresEpic
Haervan CavernsEpic
Sulpir CavesEpic
Sarghildian SquallEpic
Krovian JunglesEpic
Skeldian BattlegroundsEpic
Olmund, the Frost HowlerLegendary
Helstör, the Ever-HungerLegendary
Hräll, the ShadowdrifterLegendary
Nogir, the Crimson DeathLegendary
Ul-Hrag, the DemandingLegendary

See the table above for a full breakdown of all 25 eggs currently available in Century: Age of Ashes. We've also included details of each egg's rarity. We'll get into it in more depth later in this guide, but rarity is crucial to the drop rates for each egg, so can make the difference if there's a specific one you're going for.


As soon as new eggs are released and added to the game, we'll update our listings.

What are eggs in Century Age of Ashes?

As you'd expect from a dragon game, eggs are hatchabable items that contain a newborn dragon within. You access eggs by viewing your Nest, and from there can equip an egg to begin the hatching process.

The table above shows all the eggs currently available in the game, alongside the dragon that will hatch once you've waited long enough. It's a surefire way to guarantee yourself a specific dragon, in the sense that if you get the egg for Rayless Depths, for example, you know you'll definitely obtain that dragon once it hatches.

Image of a dragon with its rider in Century: Age of Ashes.

How do I get eggs in Century Age of Ashes?

However, there is a large amount of luck behind eggs in Century Age of Ashes. That's because most of the time, you get them as rewards from levelling up, or in weekly chests containing plenty of other rewards. Equally, none of the legendary eggs are available through levelling, and not all of the epic eggs either.

Therefore, it's very rare that you'll be able to choose the egg you're hatching, and will instead have to grind through plenty of eggs before getting one you want.

However, eggs do sometimes appear in the shop for you to buy. Of course, not all of the 25 different eggs will appear at any given time. Instead, your best bet is to check the in-game store each time it resets, to see whether your desired egg is for sale.


How do I hatch eggs in Century Age of Ashes?

Once you've got an egg that you want to hatch, it'll take quite a lot of work to actually get the dragon contained within. Specifically, you have to complete four Growth Steps, which are individual missions with their own objectives.

There is a pool of six possible Growth Steps, of which four will generate based on the species of dragon and its specific strengths. Those steps are as follows:

Step name Requirements
NewbornEarn a fixed number of experience points
Fully LoadedFully replenish your dragon's stamina twice
Volatile ThreatDodge four fireballs
Aggressive TrainingEliminate two enemies
Toxic WakeUsing the Windguard dragon's Smoke Trail move, hit 15 enemies
WarmongerHit 10 enemies using fireballs

Each time around, you're guaranteed to get the Newborn quest, which needs you to get a set amount of experience points depending on the rarity of the egg.

Once Newborn is completed, the egg will hatch, but you can't use the dragon contained within until you complete the other three missions. When they're all done, you'll have a new fire-breather in your roster.

That's it for our look at eggs in Century: Age of Ashes! While you're here, feel free to grab the latest codes for the game to snag yourself some extra freebies. We've also got some Genshin Impact codes for 3.1.