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Does Arena Breakout have controller support?

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Female shooter as a cover for Arena Breakout
Credit: Level Infinite

The big question is: does Arena Breakout have controller support? After all, a first-person shooter game with an emphasis on extraction surely would benefit extensively from providing controller support. Thankfully, we have the answer today. So, if you wish to know whether your favourite controller will be compatible with Arena Breakout, continue reading this article.

Arena Breakout as an upcoming FPS extraction game. Due to the importance of precision and reflexes, many would expect a level of controller support with Arena Breakout once it releases, just like other similar games.

Does Arena Breakout have controller support?

Arena Breakout pic of two soldiers.
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Credit: Level Infinite

While you could expect a straightforward answer to this question, the reality is a little more controversial. The developers have assured that Arena Breakout has controller support. However, several users across the web have reported during the closed beta tests that there is no complete support for external controllers.

While it is possible to connect an external controller to your device as well and the game does detect the controller, users have reported that there are several actions that remain unbound, with no option to custom bind each of the triggers or buttons on your controller.

The only reliable option to play the game, once it releases in July 2023, is to use the default touchscreen layout. While this may sound like a disadvantage, the number of people that use this input method is increasing by the minute, and many of those using it with a lot of skill.

Furthermore, several users prefer that the game stays the way it currently is, claiming that any controller support only brings problems and jeopardises the current balance of the Arena Breakout meta.


It is unknown whether this issue will be resolved in the short term, but it is essentially not a priority for Level Infinite, Arena Breakout's developers. So, if you wish to play, deploy, shoot, kill, collect, and extract in Arena Breakout, you will have to use, at least for the moment, your phone's screen.

If you would like to enjoy other mobile first-person shooter games such as COD Mobile, go ahead and check out how to unlock the Thumper and how to unlock the Flash Drone. Hopefully, Level Infinite will eventually incorporate controller support to bring a broader audience to Arena Breakout. You can also check out the available Arena Breakout codes for June 2023.

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