Insider Claims N64 Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Possibly Within A Higher Tier Option

Nintendo 64 games are allegedly coming to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Following rumours last month that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are joining the service soon, known insider NateDrake has made fresh claims in his newest "Nate the Hate" podcast.

Previously, his Game Boy claims were backed up by several outlets, including Nintendo Life and Eurogamer, the latter advising that additional platforms are also planned. In his latest video, Nate addressed that speculation.

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Insider Claims N64 Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Part Of A Higher Tier Option

Accordingly, Nate advised viewers:

Immediately after our video was published, several outlets came out to corroborate the information we had discussed, and Eurogamer went one step further having noted that additional platforms will also be added to Nintendo Switch Online in the future”, the insider says in his latest video. Today I would like to add to that, that yes, that information is accurate and one of the platforms that will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online in the future is the revolutionary Nintendo 64.

However, this may not be available to current NSO subscribers as the plan currently stands. While he doesn't confirm this, Nate believes Nintendo's planning to include this within a "higher-priced tier" for their service, specifically stating:

N64 is a more lucrative platform in our view where Nintendo could make a lot more money with these titles, so what I’m going to propose is that when Nintendo 64 [games] come to Nintendo Switch Online, it is going to come with the introduction of a higher-priced tier – a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online if you will.

While Nintendo's online service has admittedly lacked compared to PS Plus/PS Now and Xbox Live Gold/Game Pass Ultimate, it's also a lot cheaper at £17.99 a year individually, or £31.49 for an 8 account family membership. As such, we wouldn't be surprised to see Nintendo exploring premium options. We'll keep you informed if we find out more.

Source: WCCFTech

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