Xbox Games With Gold December 2021: Predictions, Leaks and Latest Confirmed Games News

There's some big new games coming in the next few months, so we reckon it's better to save some cash and play some more free games courtesy of Xbox's Games With Gold subscription.

It's a nifty bonus for anyone subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and offers four monthly games for users to download, with two available at the start of the month and two available later.

Usually formed of two Xbox One games and two Backward Compatibility titles, the service usually compliments Game Pass. Keen to know what's available now and what games are coming next? Here's what we know so far about the Xbox Games with Gold December lineup.

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December Games With Gold Latest News

November 23 2021 -

Following a leak earlier in the day, Microsoft confirmed the December Games with Gold lineup.

  • The Escapists 2 (Dec 1 - 31)
  • Tropico 5 Penultimate Edition (Dec 16 – Jan 15)
  • Orcs Must Die! (Dec 1 – 15)
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Dec 16 – 31)

When Are Xbox Games With Gold January 2022 Free Games Revealed?

Unlike Sony PlayStation and the PS Plus subscription, Microsoft's equivalent service doesn't have a set time or day for reveals. With Sony, it's quite simple. The PS Plus games are revealed on the final Wednesday of a month and go live on the first Tuesday. 

Team Xbox has a slightly more carefree approach. They definitely go live on the Xbox Store on the first day of the month, but as for when they're revealed, well there's little logic to dictate when it's announced. Major Nelson, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, typically announces the news (if it doesn't leak beforehand), but he tends to do it whenever he pleases.

In the past, we've seen the Games with Gold reveal on plenty of different dates and times. Sometimes even on the weekend, out of hours.

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Photo by Kamil S on Unsplash

Recent months have seen these announcements come further towards the back end of the month. But again, there's nothing set in stone. Unfortunately, it could be fans who are left waiting until the close of the week before the information is shared.

To save you repeatedly clicking refresh on Major Nelson's Twitter feed in the hopes that something shows, you could set up Twitter notifications. While we've just had the December line-up confirmed, we wouldn't expect to see anything announced for following month until the week beginning December 20.

For now, check the bottom of this page for a quick reminder of what games are available currently, so you can make sure to download them before they're removed from the service at the end of November.

Don't Forget, Download The December 2021 Games With Gold

As with every month, make sure you don't overlook the existing selection of free Xbox Games with Gold titles. Here's a look at what is available to download in November:

You'll find more info on all four games, including release dates, just below:

Xbox One Games

  • Available all DecemberThe Escapists 2 (normally $19.99) - From the tundra to the desert, join up with three of your friends to form the ultimate crew and engineer the wildest escapes from some of the toughest prisons in the world. Live by the rules, attend roll call, and follow strict routines, all while secretly planning and executing your bid for freedom!
  • Available from December 16 to January 15Tropico 5 - Penultimate Edition (normally $24.99) – In this Penultimate Edition, including The Big Cheese and Hostile Takeover add-ons, expand the reign of your dynasty from the early colonial period to beyond the 21st Century. Build your city’s infrastructure, plan your trading routes, and utilize new technologies, in the fifth installment of the fan favorite city-building series.

Xbox 360 Games

  • Available from December 1 to 15Orcs Must Die! (normally $14.99) (plays on Xbox One) – As a powerful War Mage, defend twenty-four fortresses from a mob of beastly enemies, using all manner of weapons and traps at your disposal. No matter how you get it done, you’ll have a blast destroying rampaging monsters in this fantasy, action-strategy game.
  • Available from December 16 to 31Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (normally $9.99) (plays on Xbox One) – Explore unique environments in the 2D action-adventure game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Make your way to the center of the mysterious Shadow Planet, all while solving complex puzzles and battling bizarre creatures, as you fight to save your home world.
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