Nintendo Acquires Dynamo Pictures with Goal of Producing More “Visual Content”

An image of the Nintendo Switch.
Credit: Nintendo.

An image of the Nintendo Switch.
Credit: Nintendo.

Japanese publisher Nintendo has announced the acquisition of Dynamo Pictures in a deal set to close on October 3, assuming everything goes to plan.

As part of this deal, the studio’s name will be changed to Nintendo Pictures, with the publisher acquiring 100% of its outstanding shares, making it a “wholly owned subsidiary” of Nintendo.

In terms of goals, Nintendo cites its motivation for making the deal as being to “strengthen the planning and production structure of visual content in the Nintendo group.”

Studio Famous For Working On Anime Is Now Part of Nintendo

What will this mean in a practical sense?

Well, according to the press release announcing the deal, the studio will be tasked with focusing on the “development of visual content utilising Nintendo IP.”

Whether that’ll mean a Splatoon movie or a YouTube vlogging series hosted by Mario, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Founded in 2011, Dynamo Pictures does have some links to the games industry, having contributed motion capture to a litany of titles over the years, including the likes of Death Stranding, Yakuza Kiwami, and Persona 5.

They’re also known for their work on various anime shows including Ghost in the Shell, Back Arrow, and Yuri!!! On Ice, aiding with CG.

Nintendo projects that the acquisition will “have only a minor effect” on its financial results for this year.

Many users reacting to the news on ResetEra were surprised by it, with Strings suggesting it be a “strange pick-up”, prompting ILikeFeet to respond: “It's not strange when Nintendo is pushing into multimedia.”

Other users speculated as to what could be produced, with nsilvias longing for the arrival of “more Kirby cartoons” and Stef declaring: “next up: Nintendo buys Chris Pratt.”

Regardless of whether or not Nintendo does pick up the Pratt, make sure to follow us for more coverage of the Japanese publisher’s array of games.

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