Nintendo Is Open to Acquiring New Studios as It Creates a "Uniquely Nintendo Infrastructure"

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The Switch has been a tremendous success for Nintendo, and the Kyoto-based company is investing in multiple expansions with the profits earned so far. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa outlined some of the company's future plans in a meeting that took place after its latest financial report, and some of those plans could include new acquisitions (thanks, VGC).

Furukawa said Nintendo is investing approximately $2.6 billion in enhancing the value of its Nintendo Account services. The goal is expanding "the ways Nintendo Accounts can serve as the foundation for providing consumers with better experiences and better services." However, Furukawa offered no examples of how Nintendo will do this.

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Nintendo Is Open to Acquiring New Studios as It Creates a "Uniquely Nintendo Infrastructure"

$880 million and $440 million are going into expanding Nintendo's game development and non-game entertainment efforts respectively, and Furukawa said that could include acquiring new studios, though mentioned no plans to do so in the near future.

"In a business with extreme fluctuations like the entertainment business, the basic policy of our financial activities has been to secure cash and other liquid assets so we can continually offer products and services that constantly deliver new surprises," Furukawa said.

"The aim is not to simply promote the shift to digital, but to build a uniquely Nintendo service infrastructure based on our integrated hardware-software business."

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