Nintendo's Slowly Building Their Own Cinematic Universe

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that Nintendo's slowly planning to expand their movie slate, moving forward. We've only heard about IIllumination's upcoming Super Mario movie -slated to launch on December 21st, 2022 - but Miyamoto outlined the company's thoughts regarding a future cinematic universe.

As seen on David Gibson's interview with Miyamoto, they discussed information about their progress with this upcoming adaptation. Confirming that tdevelopment on the Super Mario movie is "pretty much done" and is confident about the movie itself.

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Nintendo To Slowly Build 'Cinematic Universe'

However, Miyamoto confirms that Nintendo is being careful about meeting fan expectations, trying their best to not betray them. Furthermore, they'll be taking it slow in making these movies "one by one", as opposed to multiple projects at once. As such, fans hoping for news about Nintendo's next adaptation will have to wait until after the Super Mario movie.

Currently, Nintendo is rumoured to be working again with Illumination for the Donkey Kong movie. According to Giant Freakin Robot, that'll once again star Seth Rogen as the voice of DK, who's already confirmed for the initial movie. As such, we may see side characters being introduced first before getting their own film.

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