Modern Warfare 3 players desperate for Groot skin nerf

Modern Warfare 3 Groot skin with black and orange sky and lantern in background
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 players are desperate for developers to nerf the hugely popular Groot Operator skin.

The Gaia skin that's now available in Modern Warfare 3 heavily resembles the one-word tree from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and as players continue loading into the action during Pre-Season, the skin continues to cause chaos.

Despite improvements to its visibility, the Groot skin remains one of the hardest to see throughout a match thanks to its ability to blend into various pieces of foliage found across various maps. Thanks to the unfair advantage of the skin, fans are calling on Sledgehammer Games to improve its visibility.

User No-Lavishness8593 took to Reddit to demonstrate the issue of a Groot skin laying in thick grass.

The player says: "This s**t is actually broken. I understand it's a dead body so it isn't glowing as much as when they're alive, but this is just insane." Instead of attempting to nerf the Groot skin, some fans want more drastic action taken by the Modern Warfare 3 developers. Another player suggests: "It needs to be removed."

Modern Warfare 3's Groot skin arrived through the carry forward initiative that brought a wealth of Modern Warfare 2 content into 2023's Call of Duty title. Ranging from guns and weapons to all kinds of cosmetic items, the Groot skin remains a popular option due to its ability to blend into the battlefield.

The Groot skin has already received visual improvements in an attempt to boost its visibility but with maps such as Wasteland containing plenty of grassy areas to hide, it's becoming extremely tricky to catch any crafty campers utilising the skin to gain an unfair advantage.

With complaints on the skin continuing to frustrate fans and with the start of Season 1 on the horizon, there's always a chance Sledgehammer Games adjusts Groot even further so it becomes much easier to see during a hotly contested gunfight.

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