Shroud's Power Supply Exploded While He Was Streaming New World

So many players love New World so far, and Shroud is easily one of them. Shroud had an exciting experience while grinding New World for around six hours. Some people didn't realize what kind of big deal happened in Shroud's house when his Twitch stream cut out.

As it turns out, Shroud's Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) exploded, which resulted in an outage and the termination of his stream. The brave (and not at all recommended) thing that Shroud did was to go back online. After speaking to his chat, his power went out for the last time, ending his stream.

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New World Explodes

The two clips, found by talented writer Connor Bennett of Dexerto, illustrate the situation. In this first video, Shroud is chilling and grinding until the Twitch error screen appears. Usually, this goes away after a moment since it's meant to indicate a temporary disconnection.

It took many minutes for Shroud to return, but when he did, he explained the situation.

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Shroud said, "Hello? That was f***ing crazy." Then he explained how cool it was that his UPS exploded. He continued to explain, but the stream cut out again. When this happens, you should stop doing anything and call an electrician just in case.

The tweet above confirms that Shroud is safe and sound. That's still scary and definitely not something you want to happen. It was probably not the game, but rather an older UPS or even wiring that set it off.

One thing is certain, Shroud loves New World.

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