Shroud Says Casual Players Should Stay Away from New World

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New World is a massive multiplayer game that emphasizes player interactivity. New World is the type of game with so much content; it would take a while to digest it all. As Shroud pointed out, this is not a game for 1-hour sessions.

The reason it sounds strange is that it is. A pro player is trying to make a competition out of a game that isn't all about competition. If you don't try to be number one on the leaderboard, then this is the wrong approach.


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New World Casual Players

Let's get into the clip first because then you'll understand how differently a pro player thinks from anyone who plays for fun.

To quote Shroud:

"For those that just don't have the time--I would just say stay away from [New World]. If you don't have the time, just don't play. Like if you only play this game for an hour a day, I don't think you'll ever make it to the end… You'll eventually get max level but you'll always be playing catch up."

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Shroud recommends New World make a boost for those players who can't dedicate more than 1 hour a session. It is a good idea, but those who have the time will abuse it. Additionally, it is a strange way of thinking.

Shroud seems to have forgotten that games can be just for fun, not for competition. Playing the game for fun is fine for those of us who don't treat gaming as a job. It feels really disconnected with those who don't actually need to reach the highest level as soon as possible.

We recommend playing it no matter what, even if you only have an hour. There will still be a lot to do and a lot of fun to be had. It's not always necessary to be the best in a game or compete to reach the top.