New World Bug Discovered That Lets You Kick Other Players by Chatting With Them

With Amazon Games' New World releasing last September, bugs are being spotted in their new MMORPG. This past weekend, one exploit was discovered by fans and this time, it's something that could kick other players off the server by chatting with them.

Kotaku reported a Reddit post by u/janikFIGHT mentions that once players type an HTML code in the chat, it can either display some images or kick players from the game. This spamming of images containing "custom codes related to an item" reportedly crashes the game if it cannot find the code locally, doing a loop all over again.

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New World Bug Discovered To Let You Kick Other Players By Chatting With Them

This discovery comes after reports that New World is losing players since launch. Having gone from 900,000 concurrent players on Steam last September, it suddenly declined to 400,000 after two weeks.

Popular streamer Shroud mentioned in a recent stream that a possible reason for this is New World's "broken" end-game content. As for this bug, Amazon Games are already working on a fix and more improvements are expected as the game progresses. Make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as they happen.

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