Shroud Reveals Why He Believes New World's Suddenly Declining

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New World launched last month and Amazon Games' new MMORPG has so far proven popular in the gaming community. However, almost a month since release Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesie has talked about the game's downward hill for player count, which is currently in-effect.

Shroud's mentioned the possible reason that's brought New World into this situation - broken end game content. According to Dexerto, it went from over 900,000 concurrent players on Steam last month down to 400,000, just two weeks after release.

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Shroud Reveals Why He Believes New World's Suddenly Declining

As seen on a video posted on his YouTube channel, Shroud stated:

“It’s really rough. I know Amazon Game Studios is panicking behind the scenes, and they’re trying their absolute best to fix it. We might see some people quit this game because the main reason to keep playing this game is a lot of upkeep. But if you have no upkeep, you can take it easy, and once you start taking it easy, that’s when you quit.”

Shroud continued by saying that he might "chill" on playing the game. His statement reads:

I don’t think I’d fully quit, but I would definitely chill. There’s no reason to pump so many hours if you aren’t grinding for anything.

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