NBA 2K22 Shirtless Quest: How To Take Your Shirt off To Play Shirtless on Next-gen & Current-gen

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The Neighborhood is one of the most competitive zones in any gaming title, with players trying to one-up each other in any way that they possibly can.

Your choice of outfit can make you stand out from the crowd, and what better way to make a statement than to rock up to the courts shirtless?

Here is how you can do exactly that in both the Neighborhood and the City.

How To Unlock The Shirtless Perk

As is the case with the majority of the perks found in NBA 2K22, you'll have to complete a quest in order to unlock the shirtless feature.

It's not particularly difficult either, although there are different quests for those on Next-Gen and Current-Gen versions of the game. Details of which, can be found just below:

NBA 2K22 Shirt Off Quest On Current-Gen

Current Gen players must complete the "Don't Forget Sunscreen" quest. You'll get given this quest by an NPC called Heather on the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship.

The quest in question requires that players win five park games in a row, five different times. You can do this in two-vs-two and three-vs-three games. Complete the quest and you'll receive the Shirt Off reward.

NBA 2K22 Shirt Off Quest On Next-Gen

Next-Gen players have it slightly easier and must complete the "Take Your Shirt Off" quest to get the ability to go shirtless. You'll get given this quest by ATM in front of Club 2K in the City.

The quest requires that players play 25 games of two-vs-two, that's it. You'll also earn 1,000 MVP points for completing the quest.

How To Go Shirtless

After you've unlocked the ability to go shirtless, you need to head to the MyCareer menus, it is here where you will be able to go to the locker room and alter your appearance.

  • Open MyCareer
  • Open MyPlayer Tab
  • Select Appearance
  • Select The City/The Neighborhood
  • Select Top
  • Choose 'No Shirt'

And there you have it, you are now able to flaunt the streets of the Neighborhood with your shirt off.

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