Naraka Bladepoint: How To Use Pray Emote On Shrines

At times, players will pick up sidequests in Naraka: Bladepoint matches to earn extra money for the in-game shop. One of these quests requires players to pray in front of a shrine to get the rewards. Here's how you can do the quest fast without searching what to do on the keyboard.

Pray Emote

The Pray emote is one of the default poses players can do in matches. The whole emote features the character putting their hands together in prayer and bow solemnly in front of them. Normally, emotes are mostly cosmetic actions to show emotion or flex on your foes but this one can reward the player if done in front of a shrine.

To access this, open up the emote wheel in-game by pressing the X button and dragging toward the Pray emote. By default, the Pray emote is equipped to the left side. Select that emote and let it finish to the end.

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The Pray Quest

At times, the Gold sidequests may request players to find a shrine and pray in front of it twice to get the money rewards. Once in front of the shrine, face it and use the Pray emote in front of it. Let the full animation end and do not interrupt it by anything including moving and picking up loot on the side. If done successfully, the shrine will spawn items of random rarity.

Do the Pray emote twice and the quest will be finished. However, the quest leaves the player vulnerable for other fighters looking for a kill. Make sure to check around to avoid getting surprised while trying to clear the quest.

Get Your Rewards

Once the prayer quest is done, the player will be granted with the extra cash to spend on shops to upgrade their character and buy some helpful consumables to win the match. Alternatively, the prayer quest isn't needed to get the extra loot from the shrines. If a shrine still has a yellow shine on it, any player can keep praying on it to get more loot. The shrine will stop giving loot once the yellow shine disappears from it.

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