Naraka Bladepoint: How To Counter Viper Ning Twilight Crimson Ultimate

Naraka: Bladepoint's first character, Viper Ning, is actually a great character that can be difficult to fight if she has her ultimate up. Once the Twilight Crimson ultimate is out, players only have a few seconds to get out of the area if they don't to be an easy kill. Here's how you can escape from Viper Ning's ultimate in Naraka: Bladepoint.

Viper Ning's Twilight Crimson

On cast, Viper Ning puts her weapon away and surrounds herself with dark energies in an area around her. After five seconds during this ultimate, she will stun all of her foes that are inside this area. Many Viper Ning players often use this ultimate to clutch out a fight in a duel or third-party on enemies.

During this ultimate, Viper Ning also prevents enemies from using their grappling hooks which makes it difficult to escape the stun. However, it's possible to escape from her during this time.

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How To Counter Viper Ning Twilight Crimson Ultimate

Even though Viper Ning's ultimate can seem overwhelming, it's actually possible to escape once you get caught in it. Instead of trying to run away, position yourself at a higher ground than her to avoid getting the full combo of her ultimate.

If ever she still stuns you, she'll have to travel up for a few seconds which could help let stun wear off from you and survive long enough to fight back and escape faster depending on your remaining armor and health.

The whole combo for the Twilight Crimson is landing the stun and doing a long combo which can kill or leave her targets at dangerously low health. Even when stunned, don't give up and still plan your escape route.

Finish Her Off When Low

At times, Viper Ning can be low on health when activates her ultimate. Instead of waiting it out, try to defeat her with your strongest attacks before her ultimate activates. Make sure to be quick and account for her slow mobility to avoid any mistakes. Failing to kill her during this time will get you stunned and give her a chance to clutch out the fight.

Overall, Viper Ning's ultimate can be strong but it requires great calculation to pull off correctly and let her walk away with the victory. Make sure to know when to escape and punish her if she decides to third party in fights with this ultimate in tow.

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