The Fighting Game Glossary decodes weird fighting game slang

Fighting games are one of those genres that have their own culture, like first-person shooters. In addition to learning the ins and outs of several games' mechanics, you must also understand the jargon that the more experienced players use. You would generally have to ask your friends or google this, but The Fighting Game Glossary by Infil is here to help.

The Fighting Game Glossary is a website that defines and explains hundreds of terms related to fighting games. The focus of this project is not only on words. It is also a multimedia one, with videos depicting how some terms may appear in games. Japanese translations are also provided to facilitate review outside of Western terms.

The Fighting Game Glossary is incredibly detailed

My first stop was Mortal Kombat to see how accurate the glossary is. The only disappointing thing is that the glossary did not mention 'Brutality.' There was, however, a section on Fatality, so that was pretty cool.

A snapshot of the Fighting Game Glossary. Fatality is listed with its defintion.
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It has all the alities but not Brutality

Many glossaries and dictionaries would have said "too bad" to anyone who found issues, but not The Fighting Game Glossary. Within the 'Contact' section, you will find a Google Form that you can fill out with any comments or suggestions. I have filled it out with the 'Brutality' suggestion for Mortal Kombat.

How does it match up against other fighting game glossaries?

I have seen some suggest the IPlayWinner Glossary, and there is really no comparison. The Fighting Game Glossary is much friendlier to the eye and easier to use. IPlayWinner is also "Not Secure," according to my browser, so I don't recommend trying it.

Many of the other glossaries have ceased to be supported and aren't as up-to-date as they should be. Anyone who wants to support The Fighting Game Glossary, an easy-to-use donation page, accepts Paypal and Ko-Fi. The Fighting Game Glossary was very useful for me, and I have bookmarked it. I recommend it to any fan of fighting games.