Mortal Kombat 11: Ranked Mode 'Kombat League' Arrives With Season Of Blood

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Starting today, players will be competing against each other in the 'Season of Blood', which was teased on Mortal Kombat 11’s multiplayer menu back in April. This is the first season of the 'Kombat League', which acts as a competitive ranked mode, for others to battle it out and prove their ability.

This free update comes just two months after the game released and provides more than just another way to test your skill.


What Is 'Kombat League' And How Does It Work?

Each season spans across 4 blood-filled weeks, with every fight going to a best of three, in order for each player to work their way up through nine seasonal ranks ranging from Apprentice to Elder God.

Every rank a player achieves, they earn new and unique rewards such as skins, icons and backgrounds that matches the seasons theme (So expect a lot of red this season). At the end of each season, you are rewarded with the cosmetics for the highest rank you achieved during that season; regardless of whether you de-rank or not.

A range of great cosmetics are rewarded from playing

Players can also receive additional rewards through completing daily and seasonal quests, which can range from winning a certain amount of ranked games to spilling as much blood as possible.

The introduction of a ranked mode is a great way to bolster Mortal Kombat’s current esports offering and further build up a player base dedicated to competitive Mortal Kombat. Already announced, US players can look to qualify for the 'ELeague x MK 11 Arena' on 22nd June through six open tournaments hosted by Battlefy.

The winner of each tournament will earn a cash prize, as well as a trip to the Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, Texas on 5th - 7th July to compete in the finals in front of a live crowd.



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Written ByOliver East@EastOllie