Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Get Stimulants

Monster Hunter Stories 2 allows you to combine Monsters to boost the stats of your core squad. Genes can be transferred and bolstered, meaning that you can make your monsters even more powerful over time. Some gene slots are locked however, and you'll need to use Stimulants to unlock them. In this guide we'll explain the best way to get Stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Get Stimulants

To get Stimulants in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to purchase them from Melynx Inc. This merchant can be found at any village hub, just check your map for the eye icon. Once you've found them you can purchase Stimulants using Bottlecaps. At first, there will only be a finite amount you can buy, but after beating the game you'll be able to buy as many as you want.

another way to get Stimulants is to open chests in Monster Dens. Take on subquests that lead you to target monsters in dens. Open chests and repeat the quests to get as many as you can.

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Farming Stimulants

To farm Stimulants you will want to complete Monster Hunter Stories 2. This adds a tab to the Melynx Inc. menu that allows for an unlimited supply of Stimulants to be purchased. You will need Bottlecaps to purchase them. Getting Bottlecaps is as simple as completing sidequests like the X Marks the Spot quest.

What Stimulants Do and How to Use Them

Stimulants are used to unlock locked Gene slots via the Rite of Channelling. The Rite can be taken on in the Stables menu. You'll then get the option to apply Stimulants. They are broken down into monster type like Bird Wyvern. Unlocking Genes is a great way to improve your monster's stats, so make sure to go into a Rite of Channelling with Stimulants if you can.

That's how Stimulant's work in Monster Hunter Stories 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our review. Elsewhere there's our look at getting Girthy Garlic.

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