Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer Split-Screen Co-op?

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin looks like it’s going to be something special, not just for those that love the Monster Hunter series but for those who don’t, which is why we have cuter graphics and a turn-based battle system.

The first Monster Hunter Stories was an excellent 3DS game that a lot of people missed out on, so here’s hoping that this sequel wins people over with new features like the multiplayer and free online updates.

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Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 Multiplayer Split-Screen Co-op?

Speaking of multiplayer, there are a good number of fans who are wondering if Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be getting some sort of split-screen co-op multiplayer, so we’re sorry to disappoint you by saying no.

We’ve already seen some of the Monster Hunter Stories 2 multiplayer in action and it seems like split-screen co-op just isn’t an option since players will be helping each other out in quests and most of those involve turn-based battles, which don’t need split-screen.

Admittedly, the split-screen co-op would make traveling around Monster Hunter Stories 2 a bit easier during online play but that shouldn’t be a huge problem since all of the multiplayer is online and not local.

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Plus, as we mentioned already, a lot of the combat involved is just turn-based combat so split-screen won’t be needed at all, as the Raid Battles from Pokemon Sword and Shield showed us that people playing on their Switches is enough.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is coming out on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on July 9.

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