Monster Hunter Rise + Stories 2 Crossover Content Detailed

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is coming out on July 9, and there will be some crossover content with Monster Hunter Rise. We only know a few details so far, but there will be exclusive outfits available to those who have played both games. To help you make the most of your time with these Monster Hunter titles we've detailed what the crossover content is and how to unlock it.


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Monster Hunter Rise + Stories 2 Crossover Content

For now, we only know a few pieces of Crossover content between MH Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2. The first is the Hunter's Kamura Armour from Rise being available in Stories 2. Then there's the Default Rider Armour from Stories 2 that will be heading over to Rise as an outfit. You'll need to have save data for both games to be able to unlock these on July 9.


Finally there's the Capcom Collab 1 pack coming in Mid-June 2021. It allows you to unlock the Tsukino Palico in Monster Hunter Rise. This is a character from Stories 2. It's also likely that some of the event quests and DLC coming in June may have a slight Stories theme.


That's all you need to know about the MH Rise x Stories 2 crossover content coming this year. For more on Monster Hunter be sure to check out our MH Rise review.