Capcom Unveils Monster Hunter Stories 2 Roadmap

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Capcom outlined its plans for Monster Hunter Stories 2 DLC in a new Monster Hunter Stories 2 roadmap.

The news was part of the Monster Hunter Stories 2 pre-launch livestream and includes new quests, Monsties, and more.

The first piece of Monster Hunter Stories 2 DLC will release July 15, one week after Stories 2 launches, and adds the Palamute from Monster Hunter Rise as a powerful new Monstie.

That's far from the only new Monstie planned, as the roadmap details several monsters, including some from Rise, slated for later release.

Dates included are subject to change, naturally, but here's everything we know about Monster Hunter Stories 2's roadmap. All Monster Hunter Stories 2 title updates are free.

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July 15

The first DLC adds the Palamute and that's all.

August 5

This next title update introduces Kulve Taroth as a new co-op exclusive quest monster.

It's also adding Hellblade Glavenus and Boltreaver Astalos from Monster Hunter Generations as obtainable Monsties.

Early September

Three more Monsties will arrive sometime in early September:

  • Soulseer Mizutsune
  • Oroshi Kirin
  • Elderfrost Gammoth

Late September

The same month also sees Dreadking Rathalos and Molten Tigrex added as new Monsties, alongside another Kulve Taroth quest. This is also co-op exclusive, but is high difficulty.



The last planned piece of Monster Hunter Stories 2 DLC will arrive sometime in October and brings Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian with it as yet more new Monsties.

There's also one more co-op exclusive, high-difficulty quest monster.

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