Monster Hunter Stories 2: Mid-Grade Ore Locations

In order to craft certain gear in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to have Mid-Grade Ore. This is a term that encompasses a few different resources, with the first instance popping up once you reach the snowy Loloska region. To help you craft the best weapons and armour you can early on, we've put together this guide on Mid-Grade Ore Locations. We'll detail the first place you can get it, and the best places to look.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where to Get Mid-Grade Ore

To get Mid-Grade Ore in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you will need to reach the Loloska region. This comes right after the Alcala area, and is the first place that Dragonite Ore can pop up. This material counts as Mid-Grade Ore, and can be used to craft sets like the Anjanath armour and weapons.

The crafting page in MH Stories 2, showing Mid-Grade Ore breakdowns for crafting the Anjanath Sword and Shield weapons
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Dragonite Ore Locations

The best place to look for Dragonite Ore is in Monster Dens. There is often ore on the way to the nest, and a lot of the time you can find blue ore points right next to a sleeping monster. There's planty out in the Loloska area too, so bring a Monstie that can search for items and they'll be highlighted all over the map. The absolute best place to look is the Loloska Mine, which you'll visit on a story mission. There's ore absolutely everywhere here.

That's where to get Mid-Grade Ore in Monster Hunter Stories 2. We'll be updating this page with more locations as we unlock them. In the meantime, be sure to check out our guide on using Ground Dive.

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