Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Save

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is a pretty meaty game, spanning almost 60 hours if you want to experience everything. Tough monster battles can come out of nowhere, so it's always good to be prepared and make sure your life hearts are full before big encounters. You'll also want to make sure your game is saved as often as possible, as you'll be forced to play long sections again if you die. Here's how to save using the manual and autosave features.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Save

You can save in Monster Hunter Stories using either manual saving options or by enabling autosave. We'll go into a little more detail on each below.

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How to Save Manually

If you want to make sure your game is saved in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you'll want to do it manually. You can do so at any Catavan Fast Travel point, and at your house in each hub village. This allows you to use multiple save slots, and generally keep copies of your save files nice and safe.

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You can also toggle autosave on and off while playing. Just head to the Options menu and select 'Other'. Here, you can turn autosave on if you didn't pick it at the start. Generally, the gam will autosave when you travel to a new Catavan stand. Failing a fight will put you at the last hub/stand you visited, so make sure to activate as many as you can.

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