Monster Hunter Rise Gets Free Black Belt Armor and Defender Weapons DLC

Capcom has announced free Black Belt armor and Defender weapons DLC joins Monster Hunter Rise later this month. That's designed to not only help newer players struggling with Rise's early missions, but prepare us for the upcoming Sunbreak expansion.

While Sunbreak's expected to release this Summer - we don't have a full release date yet - it seems that Capcom wants Monster Hunter Rise players to get through the main game quickly, so they can access new content by the time it launches.

Monster Hunter Rise is Getting Free Black Belt Armor and Defender Weapons DLC

Free DLC is nothing new to Monster Hunter Rise, having received plenty of updates over the past year. From new quests to cosmetics paying tribute to older Capcom games, Rise has kept players busy and that certainly won't change when Sunbreak eventually launches.

Players can pick up the free Black Belt Armor and Defender weapons DLC next week, on February 24, 2022. Monster Hunter Rise is now available on the Nintendo Switch and PC, and we'll keep you updated with further reveals when they happen.

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