Monster Hunter Rise Neopteron: How To Find and Use It

Creatures within Monster Hunter Rise can be harvested for a number of resources, most of which will aid the player in upgrading and creating items to strengthen them. Finding Neopterons can be useful due to their carvings being put towards weapon upgrades.

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How To Find Neopteron

Neopterons are an insect type of monster within Rise, they are pretty fragile and so you may attack one and be left without a carcass to carve. That's where Poison Smoke Bombs come in handy, use them to defeat the creatures whilst leaving their corpse intact and get to carving!

How To Use Neopteron

Neopteron can be used to upgrade a variety of weapons within MH Rise, find them below:

Upgrading Weapons

  • Arko Nulo Red I
  • Arko Nulo White II
  • Elite Switch Axe I
  • Fiore Nulo Green II
  • Fiore Nulo II
  • Fiore Nulo White II
  • Hortadent II
  • Kamura Blade III
  • Kamura C. Blade III
  • Kamura Chorus III
  • Kamura Cleaver III
  • Kamura Glaive III
  • Kamura Glintblades III
  • Kamura Gunlance III
  • Kamura H. Bowgun III
  • Kamura Hammer III
  • Kamura Iron Axe III
  • Kamura Iron Bow III
  • Kamura L. Bowgun III
  • Kamura Spear III
  • Kamura Sword III
  • Rielle Nulo II
  • Rielle Unu
  • Secta Nulo Green I
  • Secta Nulo Red II
  • Secta Unu
  • Vicello Nulo Green I
  • Vicello Nulo White II
  • Vicello Unu

Now get upgrading your weapons! Here you can find an overview of all the starting weapons in MH Rise, if you're new to the title check out our beginner guide too!

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