Monster Hunter Rise Icium: How To Find and Use It

Monster Hunter Rise is an incredible title once you get the hang of it, though it can be a bit daunting when first starting out. No doubt you'll wander around aimlessly for a while if new to the series. This is when guides can come in handy, especially when looking for resources. Let's find out how to get Icium and what you can make with it!

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How To Find Icium

Icium can be found in the Frost Islands within blue and white outcrops, of the two the white outcrops seem to drop Icium more often than others. When journeying into a higher ranked quest it seems that Icium can be found more so in blue outcrops, whereas you'll usually get more common materials from these outcrops when doing lower-ranked quests.

How To Use Icium

Icium can be used to make a number of weapons and armour which can be found below:


  • Amber Slash I
  • Arko Nulo White
  • Crystalline Flower I
  • Dual Hatchets I
  • Frozen Core I
  • Frozen Core II
  • Gelid Mind I
  • Guardian Sword I
  • Hunter's Rifle II
  • Hyperguard II
  • Iron Assault II
  • Iron Blade II
  • Iron Bow II
  • Iron Devil
  • Iron Katana II
  • Iron Lance II
  • Lagombaglaive I
  • Proto Iron Axe II
  • Sharktooth Spear I
  • Shotgun Viper I
  • Steel Sword
  • Tetranadon Edge I
  • Vaik Veil I


  • Alloy Greaves
  • Alloy Helm
  • Alloy Mail
  • Hunter's Helm

As you can see there's plenty of uses for Icium and you'll want to get some, while out looking keep an eye out for some more resources, you can find a list of guides that may help you here.

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