Monster Hunter Rise Gracium Ore: How To Find and Use It

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Monster Hunter Rise isn't the best title for telling you where to go when it comes to gathering resources, so this can become quite tedious over time. Luckily we've had plenty of time with the game and know how to find most items. So, let's find out where to find Gracium Ore and what you can do with it.

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How To Find Gracium Ore

Gracium Ore can be found in a few different ways, one of which includes an expedition tour. You should be able to get the ore from a High-Rank Expedition Tour in the Frost Islands. Otherwise, check out Ore Outcrops and mine them, you may grab yourself some Gracium! Note that Gracium can only be gotten from High-Rank quests. Head out on a high rank expedition tour to the Frost Islands and mine any Ore Outcrops you see.

How To Use Gracium Ore

Gracium Ore is mostly used to create weapons, more specifically the ones in the list below:


  • Arko Unu Whit
  • Colossal Axeblade
  • Crystalline Flower I
  • Gale Sickle
  • Gossgun II
  • Guerrera Cannon I
  • Imperial Sword
  • Iron Bayonet II
  • Jaeger II
  • K. Captain's Blade I
  • Lagombaglaive II
  • Meteor Bazooka II
  • Reversal Shot II
  • Shieldraad
  • Striker's Bowgun I

Now get to making yourself some weapons! If we find any more locations to get this resource we'll be sure to let you know. For more advice take a look at our other Monster Hunter Rise guides, here.

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