Monster Hunter Rise Eroded Skeleton Location: Where to Find Eroded Skeleton

There’s a mind-boggling number of resources to gather and craft with in Monster Hunter Rise. Some will be relatively easy to find wherever you are, while others can only be found in specific places. Eroded Skeletons are a resource that can be hard to find at first, but you’ll need them if you want to beef up your Bone Tree weapons and wear certain armour. To speed things up we’ve put together this guide on where to find Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise. Let’s head out.

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MH Rise Eroded Skeleton Locations

To find Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to make your way to the Sandy Plains area of the game. Bones gathered in this area often drop Eroded Skeleton, so keep an eye out for bone piles as you travel around. While you’re here you should also keep an eye out for Malachite Ore. We’ve included a screenshot of an Eroded Skeleton location that you can find in the Sandy Plains below:

Collecting an Eroded Skeleton from the Sandy Plains region in Monster Hunter Rise
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Best Place to Farm Eroded Skeleton

There’s a large sandy area to the top-right of the map that is great for farming Eroded Skeleton. We recommend heading out on an Expedition Tour here, and running up and down the map looking for bone piles. Before heading out, eat a Bunny Dango Containing the effect that reduces spawn times between resources, it's called Rasin d'Etra. This will allow you to collect more while out gathering.

That’s how to get Eroded Skeleton in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough. Elsewhere there’s also our look at our explanation of what Affinity does.

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