Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell: How To Find and Use It

Not all items in Monster Hunter Rise are as easy as killing a creature to receive. Many resources have to be obtained either through challenges or other ways. The Dreamshell in particular can be a little tedious to get your hand on, but we'll guide you through it.

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How To Find Dreamshell

Dreamshell can only be obtained through Argosy missions. By sending your buddy to the Mushyroom Market and getting something from there you may get a Dreamshell as a bonus reward, though this is not guaranteed. Your best bet at getting one is to leave a buddy at the market whilst you do quests and missions, hopefully, you'll get one.

How To Use Dreamshell

You can use Dreamshell to create and upgrade a number of items which you can find below:


  • Sleepy Shellblade I
  • Sleepy Shellgun I
  • Sleepy Shellslice I
  • Sleepy Shellsword I
  • Schale Batis (Upgrade)
  • Sleepy Shellblade II (Upgrade)
  • Sleepy Shellgun II (Upgrade)
  • Sleepy Shellslice II (Upgrade)
  • Sleepy Shellsword II (Upgrade)
  • Soporific Shellblade (Upgrade)
  • Soporific Shellgun (Upgrade)
  • Waking Nightmare (Upgrade)


  • S. Studded Gloves S
  • S. Studded Hat
  • S. Studded Hat S
  • S. Studded Sash
  • S. Studded Sash S
  • Shell-Studded Gloves
  • Shell-Studded Vest
  • Shell-Studded Vest S
  • Shelled Sandals
  • Shelled Sandals S

There are plenty more items to discover in Monster Hunter Rise just take a look at some of our other guides here to find out more.

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