Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Easy Mode? Can You Change Difficulty?

Monster Hunter Rise has been getting rave reviews since launch and plenty of players have been playing non-stop. It's a huge title with plenty to do and discover. For those already familiar with the series, it's likely fairly easy to pick up the mechanics of the game and get familiar. Although, those that are new to Monster Hunter may be having a little difficulty getting to grips with it, so is there an easy mode or way to change the difficulty

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Does Monster Hunter Rise Have Difficulty Settings?

Unfortunately, there are no actual difficulty settings within Monster Hunter Rise, so you won't be able to alter that but the title sort of has its own difficulty levels. Hunts are actually ranked, meaning you'll have an indication of how hard they will be to complete, so if you're a new player keep this in mind. Higher ranked hunts will involve more monsters and they will be tougher to defeat, keeping clear of these until you're ready is the safest thing to do.

Aside from the ranking of hunts, playing with other players will actually scale the challenge of the game, meaning if you decide to buddy up with friends then you'll be experiencing some more intense battles. Though having more people to help out usually levels this out meaning it isn't too different in reality. Plenty of players have discussed in forums whether there should be difficulty settings, though many said as mentioned above that you can choose how tough of a fight to enter into due to hunt ranks.

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