Bruen MK9 Nerfed In Update 1.26

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A surprise patch has gone live for Warzone addressing some recent issues within the game.

The Bruen MK9, FR 5.56 Shotgun, ISO and 725 have been hit with some adjustments.


A recent bug has made the underbarrel shotgun a force to be reckoned with on the FR 5.56, meaning it can one-shot from 15 metres away.

Meanwhile, the powerful LMG has dominated the recent meta in Warzone and has received yet another nerf to control it's dominance.

Here's what's changed in the recent patch notes.

1.26 Patch Notes - 20th August

12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun

  • Clamped close lethal damage
  • Fixed damage falloff for the FR 5.56 underbarrel shotgun

Bruen MK9

  • Reduced upper torso damage
  • Base weapon - increased recoil
  • 60 Round Mag - Additional increased recoil


  • Reduced movement penalty for drum mags
  • Increased based ADS movement speed

725 Sawed-Off Barrel

  • Small increase to ADS time
  • Small decrease to movement speed
  • Reduced close lethal damage range

Additional Fixes

  • Fix for an exploit near the Prison in Warzone
  • Removing VO from High Alert perk