TCM Allegedly Acquire MadCat for Gunshy

TCM Gaming made waves in the Call of Duty scene by becoming the first European outfit to move over to North America in order to compete in Major League Gaming's Call of Duty Pro League. They're actually doing rather well, too, righting themselves after initial difficulties to hold a current record of 14-17, putting them in 6th place. Whether they'll finish in the all-important Top 8 to qualify for the X-Games Season 2 Playoffs is yet to be seen, but they're in the green right now.

Despite this, we know that roster changes are afoot for the TCMpire. It was announced on MLG's chat show, eSports Report two days ago that current Epsilon player Dylan "MatCat" Daly is set to be moving to the United States to represent TCM Gaming in the near future. No information on who he would be replacing or when the transition would take place was provided.

Team manager, Michael "Swizz" Butterworth took to the Call of Duty competitive reddit to comment on the situation. 

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