MW2 Remastered: Online Multiplayer Changes That Should Be Made To Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered rumours have been doing the rounds and we're excited to see one of the most memorable games in the Call of Duty franchise reimagined. We may not see this game anytime soon with Modern Warfare 2019 set to arrive in October, but it's not out of the possibility we will see it feature as part of COD 2020.

It's no secret that Modern Warfare 2 had a real love-hate relationship with fans, but what remains true is the excitement and thrill this game produced. We list 8 features that we think should be changed in Modern Wafare 2 Remastered's multiplayer.

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New Weapons

Modern Warfare Remastered brought with it many new weapons after it's release, increasing its longevity and replayability. It gave people a fresh way to play an old game. Some may argue this is a bad thing, but some will argue the nostalgic trip a remaster provides will only satisfy you for so long before you want something new. After all, if we wanted the same thing we would play the original. There were actually plenty of guns that were meant to be included such as the Remington 870, G3, G36C, STG-44 and the AK74u; files for which can be found in the game. They can draw from many different weapons and with Modern Warfare 2019 coming soon, it will only extend the potential weapon library available to include in Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

Adjust One Man Army

The number one issue with Modern Warfare 2? One Man Army. What was originally a great idea to create a more tactical and dynamic multiplayer experience, turned into a recipe for disaster. The ability to swap classes at will with a fully replenished kit meant you could relentlessly rain down explosives on your opposition. It's because of this, that probably contributes to the reason why we haven't seen it appear in Call of Duty since. It would need a considerable amount of attention in MW2 Remastered to get it right, so you could no longer exploit the perk in ways it wasn't intended to operate. I feel that in order to use it, it should remove your ability to use weapon attachments removing the temptation to put grenade launchers on, as well as this it should not replenish your equipment so you can not relentlessly spam grenades either.

New Maps

There were a few maps that were cut from the original MW2 game including Vertigo, Oil Rig, Gulag and Riverwalk. The two that should be most familiar are Gulag and Oil Rig as both were prominent features in the campaign. Gulag seemed to be a fleshed out map as it had a description to accompany it “Night time jail fight. Large scale russian prison fighting”. Plenty of footage from Oil Rig can also be found online. It would be interesting to see what new maps could bring to the table in this game.

Weaken Explosives

Even with fixing One Man Army, explosives can still create a gigantic issue. Scavenger can be just as bad, if not worse, when you factor in rocket launchers as secondaries. Some of these explosives did not even need danger close to be super effective, they were that strong. A heavy change should be put on explosives to lessen the need for them and focus more on the gun play in MW2 Remastered.

More Game Modes

There are lots of new game modes that have been introduced into the Call of Duty universe since Modern Warfare 2. There are also game modes that never even made it to the full release, one of those is Global Thermonuclear War. The idea was to capture a bombsite/nuke by standing near it, the team that captured the nuke wins. There were many other game modes such as Die Hard, Arms Race, VIP, Defcon Arena and One Flag CTF; MW2 Remastered should look at including these modes.

Correct Inconsistencies

A few guns had inconsistencies when wielded with how they operated:

  • The FAL had a damage multiplier when the holographic sight was equipped, causing a one shot headshot with stopping power
  • The red dot sight on the FAL was also misaligned
  • The M16's bullet spread between the holographic and the red dot was different
  • The red dot on the f2000 remained after an EMP
  • AK47 had idle sway when attachments were equipped and none without
  • M9, M240, MG4 do not hide you on the mini map when suppressed

Some other inconsistencies also lie within the perks, such as Cold Blooded Pro being unlocked by repeatedly shooting a falling helicopter. There's also the balancing issue with Sit Rep Pro and Ninja Pro; Sit Rep Pro should cancel out Ninja Pro, but does not. These are small issues but should be addressed in MW2 Remastered.

Update Mechanics

There are a number of cool features that have been brought into Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2’s debut. Being able to show off your gun and emotes are some of a few features. The ability to slide or dolphin dive would also make great features in MW2 Remastered. More sensitivity options and hitmarker feedback sliders would be welcomed additions as well.

Remove Deathstreaks

Let's be honest with ourselves, there was only one death streak in this game and that was Painkiller. What seemed like a great idea initially, turned into a real frustrating feature for those who were playing well only to be outdone by an overpowered perk. The other deathstreaks failed miserably in comparison when it came to practicality, simply because they were so un-influential in comparison. Call of Duty has no place for rewarding those who aren't playing well, that's most likely the reason they were scrapped after Modern Warfare 3.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91

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