How To Unlock The FINN LMG In Warzone And Modern Warfare

The Season 5 Reloaded update has gone live for Modern Warfare and Warzone and players are being gifted with a new toy!

The FINN LMG is an ultra-light open bolt 5.56 machine gun with a low cyclic rate and advanced recoil controls.

It's agile and accurate, meaning we could have a new contender to take the thrown from the Bruen MK9 after it's recent nerf.

Here's how to unlock this devastating weapon.

How To Unlock The FINN LMG In Modern Warfare And Warzone

To unlock the FINN LMG in Modern Warfare and Warzone, you will need to get 1 melee kill using an LMG in 7 different matches.

This doesn't seem like too difficult of a task if you run the appropriate class.

We would suggest utilising a lightweight weapon, with attachments that increase your movement speed, to enable you to close the gaps between you and the opponent.

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FINNTASTIC: This lightweight LMG is going to be a top tier weapon

We'd also suggest using the perks Double Time, Ghost and Tracker.

Double Time will increase the duration of your tactical sprint, Ghost will keep you off enemy radars and Tracker will help you follow the footsteps of enemies.

If you're playing on small maps, you may want to consider swapping out Ghost for Overkill and running a Riot Shield to prevent you from getting shot in the back.

You need to remember you need to use the LMG to get your kills and not a melee weapon.

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