Warzone And Modern Warfare: Final Double XP Weekend Guide Season 4

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The final weekend of double XP on Warzone and Modern Warfare Season 4 is kicking off this weekend.

It's a double everything bonanza as Infinity Ward give you the opportunity to finish up your battle pass before Season 5 begins.

Here we go through everything you need to do to make the most out of it.


Use Tokens To Quad Your XP

Do this right and you can earn up to four times the normal amount of XP.

To do this, activate a double XP token to double the amount of XP on top the double XP already live and reach the maximum Officer rank in no time at all. The jump into a match.

Once at the highest Officer rank, all of the Season 4 challenges will be available to complete for additional sums of XP and to earn some exclusive cosmetics that can only be earned by completing the challenges.



Play Smart


Along with Shipment 24/7, players can jump into Shoot House 24/7 - it's a great playground to earn a lot of XP in no time at all. Selecting the right playlist is the key to rising to the highest rank as quickly as possible.

Be sure to play the objective to rank up the most score and get as many kills as you can.

Load Up

It’s tempting to go in with your favourite weapon, but double XP events are a perfect time to try out new stuff – and rank up fast in other guns you may have had your eye on.

Still, if you want to stick with what you know and love, double weapon XP will also be live, meaning there is no better time to unlock all attachments for all weapons within Modern Warfare and Warzone.

In Warzone, having the best possible gun is the difference between a top 30 finish and a top 10.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE: Use more than one weapon to get the most XP


Challenges And Intel Missions

Don't forget to complete the active challenges in Modern Warfare and Warzone to smash through ranks!

You can check out the full list of current active challenges for week 7 here.

If you've not tried completing Warzone's Intel Missions yet, why not give it a go? The task helps evolve the storyline of Verdansk and will reward you with XP while doing so.

Check out our guide for this week's Intel Mission here.


So When Does It All Kick-Off?


The event kicks off this Friday, 31st July at 6pm BST (10am PT and 1pm ET) across all multiplayer modes in both games.

Players will benefit from double XP, double weapon XP and double Battle Pass tier progression.

You can expect Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads to remain live in Warzone as you rank up, but Juggernaut Royale Quads will return this Friday. Not only that, but Blood Money Plunder Trios will be live all week.

Modern Warfare will be hosting Shipment and Shoot House 24/7 playlists to help you unlock attachments and quickly complete challenges. Not only that, but Deathmatch Domination and Dropzone also return. 

And what about Season 5?

Season 5 is set to arrive on the 5th August 2020 where there are rumours of a number of map changes (LINK)

Expect new weapons and Operators that’ll arrive via the new Battle Pass, too.