Warzone Season 4 Week 4 Intel: New Perspectives Intel Mission Guide And Locations

Last week's Hidden Cargo hunt sent player around Verdansk in search of a missing shipment.

As the Season 5 teasers heat up speculation and excitement for the next season, this week we'll be uncovering what happened at the airport.

Here's how to complete the Week 4 intel mission.

New Perspectives Intel Mission Guide

There are five intel locations this week, distributed in various locations around Verdansk.

You can complete one mission per match and can be complete in Battle Royale and Plunder.


Intel 1 - Ghost Coin (rewards 2,500 XP)

1. A golden coin can be found sitting atop a concrete wall, just outside of Killhouse. Interact with this coin to collect the first intel.

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Intel 2 - UAV (rewards 5,000 XP)

2. A stack of paper can be found on the ground within the air traffic control tower.

Interact with the papers to collect the second intel.

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Intel 3 - Binder (rewards 5,000 XP)

3. Next up is a ring binder and will require you to head to the hangers. It is located in the second trailer on the east side.

Interact with the binder to collect the third intel.

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Intel 4 - Laptop (rewards 5,000 XP)

4. A laptop has been left on its side on top of a crate within the big hangar to the south of Scrapyard.

Interact with the laptop to collect the fourth intel.

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Intel 5 - Computer (rewards 5,000 XP)

5. The final intel is found in the central dome building in Downtown.

Interact with the computer to get the fifth and final intel.

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