Modern Warfare Season 6: The AS VAL HAS Finally Been Fixed

UPDATE: A patch is now live to fix the AS VAL.

Although Modern Warefare's Season 6 has been been an overwhelming success in places, it's also had its fair share of blunders.

Overturned weapons are a common issue in FPSs.

However, when a weapon is so overturned and broken it literally gives a user aimbot, a fix is needed as soon as possible.

Well, that's exactly what's been happening with Modern Warfare's AS VAL.

Players noticed that paired with the SPP magazine, the weapon would break the game.

It allowed players to shoot any opponent through any wall, without a clear line of sight.

Players have been pairing this combo with the snapshot grenade that allows opponents to been seen across the map.

This essentially gives a player aimbot and a huge advantage over their opponents.

It's been just under a week, but a fix is finally on the way.

Infinity Ward Confirms AS VAL Fix Is On The Way

Better late than never is what I always say.

@ashonisVULCAN, communications manager at Infinity Ward, has confirmed a patch for the AS VAL issue is on the way.

Check out her tweet below:


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It might be a little late, but at least the fix is finally on its way.

Let's hope we can avoid any more game-breaking issues like this in Modern Warefare, Warzone and Cold War.


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