Modern Warfare: Reddit Users Are Dying To A Mysterious Care Package Glitch Before Season 2 Launch

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Modern Warfare's Season 2 is looming ever closer, with it set to arrive next week.

Unfortunately, a disastrous glitch has started to surface that could ruin the use of a very popular killstreak.

Reddit has been particularly quick to blast this issue as it's resulting in more frustrating moments in-game.


Care Package Touch Of Death

Reddit user /uMineRaid posted a Cyber Attack video where he called in a Care Package into the map.

With his team a man down, it seemed like an opportune time to roll the dice and see what random killstreak would pop up.

Once the Care Package landed, he was surprised to find that upon touching it he died.


It's seemingly unexplainable, the only logical conclusion is that the game has registered the care package as not finishing its landing sequence.

This "airborne" state would mean touching it would result in a direct impact death.


Infinity Ward Issues Keep Coming

It's unfortunate this issue is happening so late into the game, the AAA shooter only just recovered from a glitch that reset your rank as well as an endless download loop for the Spec Ops mode.

It's not the first time a catastrophic issue has occurred in an Infinity Ward game - over ten years ago a nasty Javelin glitch infected lobbies. When players would use a Javelin (or any launcher), pull out a semtex and then swap back to the Javelin without releasing the grenade, it would result in a huge explosion upon death.


 back in Ghosts, players found in the summer after releases a bomb glitch would occur in Search & Destroy, preventing players from interacting with the bomb.

Season 2

Season 2 is due to launch on the 11th February 2020 - plenty of rumours suggest we'll be getting a Battle Royale mode.