Modern Warfare: Hidden Patch Notes For Update 1.13

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Modern Warfare's big 1.13 patch update went live on Tuesday evening and although a lot of changes were for the better a few unexpected differences occurred that weren't detailed in the patch notes.

Patch 1.13 has not only caused a stat reset and brought in an overpowered new weapon (the Crossbow), community members are also speculating that there are plenty of changes NOT mentioned in the most recent patch notes.


Here's what was hidden in the patch notes.

Update 1.13 Hidden Patch Notes

Reddit user Crurious_Incubus has created a thread and has been gathering community feedback on what has actually changed in the latest patch.

Here's what the community feels the patch notes actually changed:


  • Significant recoil buff to the SCAR. Both horizontal AND vertical.
  • Collision is reverted to how it worked from launch. You no longer push other players, but when you run into an enemy, you glide around them.
  • (Stealth/unintended) Crash's new head glitch safe space now exposes more of the player's body.
  • (Stealth/unintended) Objective play no longer counts towards field upgrade progress.
  • The Crossbow and its unlock challenge were definitely added.
  • Objective markers are now translucent so they distract less while players are capping/neutralizing objectives
  • Aniyah Palace returns to Ground War
  • (Stealth/unintended) Parachute mechanics altered (you cannot deploy as close to landing as you used to, and you move forward faster)
  • (Unconfirmed) Rumoured map alterations in GW.
  • (Stealth/unintended) Core Shoot the Ship is 5v5
  • (Stealth) Stopping Power Rounds were nerfed across the board, reducing TTK overall with Stopping Power. The FAL, Oden, M4A1 w/.458 SOCOM and EBR-14 can no longer get a one-shot-kill to the upper torso. source


"Changes" That The Didn't Actually Happen

  • RAM-7 Extended Mags is still at 45.
  • Stopping Power headshot bug was not fixed.

Bugs That Have Now Occurred

  • An error message that causes players to lose their rank and stats if they don't hard reset their game.
  • Crossbow unlock/camo challenges don't work properly for many players.
  • Multiple Class Creation errors (attachments not showing, attachments in improper order, etc)
  • "missing multiplayer packs"
  • Some reports of PS4s being bricked while attempting to download the update
  • Reports of the Spec-Ops pack stuck in a download loop
  • Reports of certain guns having incomplete models post-update
  • Reports of players no longer receiving xp while not at max level
  • New class slots are reported to reset at varying intervals (every match-every new session)
  • Operator skin texture bugs
  • Reported UI errors that prevent players from accessing various menus.
  • More CTD errors.
  • (On PC) Lobby calling cards will remain on the screen if you scroll too fast through the player names. They can be removed by scrolling over those names again

Karst River Quarry

  • Significantly reduces the texture quality of the floors and outside-ground. 
  • Significantly reduces draw distance of foliage.
  • Removed many bushes around objective D.
  • Bushes and trees are reduced in texture quality.
  • More object pop-in, including blurred-out buildings from distance.

Tavork District

  • Reduced overall shadow quality 
  • Reduced shadow draw distance 
  • Reduced foliage texture quality and draw distance 
  • Tree behind objective C has been adjusted 

Aniyah Palace

  • Significantly reduces shadow quality and draw distance 
  • Significantly reduced grass-texture quality ( ) 
  • Underground glitch by objective C. 

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What Else Has Happened In The Latest Patch Update

Fortunately, where some issues have arisen, a large number of changes did, in fact, go through.

One of the most important ones being the slide cancel bug that players were exploiting.

It also fixed a bug that allowed the Cruise Missile to kill players while out of bounds on Shipment.


The MK2 Carbine also received increased bullet penetration.

As well as this, the CDL got some much love in the update in time for the COD League Launch Weekend.


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91