Modern Warfare: New Patch Causes Stat Deletion Bug

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Modern Warfare players were treated to a big patch last night, Patch 1.13 brought forward plenty of changes including player collisions bugs, slide cancelling being patched, a new Crossbow weapon and plenty of weapon adjustments.

However, in the wake of this glorious update, a new bug has appeared that causes player stats to be reset. If like many you've worked hard on your multiplayer stats, you could well be affected by this issue.

Stats Reset Bug


Not long after players downloaded the patch, an error message would appear when launching the game.

“Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly, you must reset your rank and unlocks to continue.”

This unusual prompt offered players Yes and No choices.

Infinity Ward initially advised players not to select either option and just close the game entirely.

Since this incident, the developer has been investigating the cause and already pushed a fix.


The issue is, it doesn't fix all problems yet. Unfortunately, if you clicked 'yes' you'll still see that your stats have been reset.


But there is good news, your progression hasn't actually been lost. This goes for overall account progression, weapon levels, unlocks, and the Battle Pass.

Those who closed the game and didn’t pick either option may resume where they last left off.

Until a proper fix has been deployed, those who picked 'yes' may still play the game and make progress, but stats recorded after the patch may not stay, meaning they’ll be rolled back to as they were pre-patch.

The fix released and had a different side effect that impacted all players. Any custom loadouts created and saved in the new slots were reset. This will happen once for all players when they next launch the game, so it’s unavoidable.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91