Haunting of Verdansk: Zombie Royale Tips And Tricks To Help You Survive

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The Haunting of Verdansk event is now live across Modern Warfare and Warzone!

The limited-time event sees the games undergo a spooky makeover in time for the Halloween festivities.

As part of the event, players can jump into the hotly anticipated Zombie Royale mode.


Rather than take a trip to the Gulag, players can earn their redeployment by becoming a zombie!

With a brand-new way to play, here are some handy tips and tricks to help you become the last survivor standing.

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1) The Right Loadout

Selecting the perfect loadout in Warzone is always a crucial key to success, but with the undead roaming Verdansk, loadout selection is even more important.

Zombies are armed with additional mobility thanks to their Charged Jump, so you may want to rethink your loadout.

To keep up with the mobility, equip an SMG/Shotgun combination for increased mobility.


2) Eyes On The Skies

Throughout a game of Zombie Royale, the number of redeployments is a lot higher than a regular Warzone match.

When you’re near a Buy Station, look out for the red flares that light up the sky when a player drops back into the area.

Expect the players dropping in to be on the hunt for those elusive syringes which will bring them back from the undead.

Warzone Zombies Royale

Watch out for zombies dropping from the sky!


3) Road Warriors

Being in possession of a vehicle in Zombie Royale can often be the difference between being swallowed up by an angry zombie mob and managing to outlast the opposition.

Vehicles such as the buggy and the truck are hot property at the beginning of a Zombie Royale match, so be sure to ping the location of a nearby vehicle for you and your team to commandeer.

It’s extremely important to be aware of any enemies also battling for control of a vehicle, so spend some time looting up and clearing out any buildings for any potential hostile activity.

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4) Utilise Zombie Abilities

The quest to respawn into the game as a human is one that can be tricky.

While playing as a Zombie, you have a total of three abilities to use in order to down an opponent and grab a syringe.

Use the EMP Blast to destroy any nearby equipment and disrupt the HUD of an opponent, time your Gas Grenade to cloud their vision, and quickly rush them to beat them down!

Zombies Royale Warzone

Use Zombie abilities to your advantage


5) Co-Ordination is Key

The objective of Zombie Royale is to be the last survivor remaining.

Even if your teammates are out of the action, victory can still be achieved if there’s just one player standing.

In order to maximise your success, stay in close proximity with your teammates in case you encounter any groups of opposition. It may be just a solitary opponent, but if you stick together, you have a better chance of surviving any engagements.