'Haunting Of Verdansk' Update: Time UK, Release Date, Download, Price, Gameplay, Rewards And Everything You Need To Know

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Call of Duty Warzone is getting in on the Halloween act this year.

As part of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6, Call of Duty is getting involved in the Halloween festivities in its own unique way.


'Haunting of Verdansk', will be a free event that allows players to celebrate this spooky holiday!

As part of the event, players will be able to play the new Zombies Royale mode set in a nightfall version of Verdansk.

There's plenty of rewards and collectables to gain in this event.

Here's everything we know!

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Latest News

Haunting Of Verdansk - 20th October

The "Haunting of Verdansk" Halloween event has gone live in Warzone and Modern Warfare. Trick-or-treat supply boxes can now be looted throughout Warzone, and you'll be given a "Spooky Goodies" charm item just for logging in this week.

Find all 16 Halloween-themed items around Verdansk, and you'll be rewarded with a bonus "Pumpkin Punisher" assault-rifle blueprint. If you love Halloween, there's no better time to be playing Call of Duty: Warzone. The event runs for the next two weeks, ending on November 3.

The licensed Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Saw bundles cost 2,400 COD points (or $20) each.

Both the BR Trick-or-Trios and Zombie Royale modes are live in warzone, letting you experience the thrills of Verdansk at nighttime. In Modern Warfare, there's also a "Haunted House Party" mosh-pit mode "with a Halloween spin."


New Bundles - 14th October

New Bundles seem to be coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone to celebrate Halloween!

Haunting of Verdansk Event Release Date And Time

The 'Haunting of Verdansk' event starts on October 20 and will last for two weeks, ending on November 3.

The event will begin at 6pm BST.


Of course, with this being October, this isn't the only Halloween themed changes coming to the game.

Update Download

You will not need to download or install an update for this event.


The Haunting of Verdansk update is completely free, although there will be cosmetics for sale in the shop.

Warzone Halloween Store Bundles

Activision's blog post for Season 6 also gave quite a lot of detail about various new bundles coming to the games store.


Or as they put it: 'New Bundles Lurk in the Shadows'.

Here's what we've been told so far:

"With Halloween approaching, the Store is set to stock up on a wide variety of blueprint and Operator bundles.

"Leading off the Season, expect the ‘Undead Forces’ Store bundle to bring a faithful, undead companion into the fray with a new Finishing Move, and a new Operator Bundle for Velikan that gives him an even more dark and foreboding set of armor.

"Later in the Season, prepare for more Tracer Packs, an Operator pack that continues the gold-plated trend of flashy skins, and even a couple of Halloween surprises as the nights grow longer and the more twisted games begin…"


@BKTOOR_ has tweeted pictures of what Operator skins we could get.




New LTM: Zombie Royale

A new LTM has arrived for Halloween in Verdansk.


Zombie Royale involves players coming back from the dead as zombies instead of coming to the gulag.

Check out the Call of Duty blog's description of the mode:

"When a player is killed, they drop a syringe that shows up on the map. Collect two of these Syringes as a Zombie and you'll parachute back in with your loadout on your Squad for a second chance! The last squad standing with a surviving Operator wins… even if the rest of the squad has turned undead."

Verdansk - Dark Infiltrations

Dark infiltrations will be avaialble for certain modes such as trios in Warzone.

The nighttime map benefits those with a thermal scope and a keen eye for spotting opponents.

Stay on the lookout for poltergeists, ventriloquist dolls and other spooky beings while out in the field.


New Rewards Inside Warzone

The Trick or Treat event has begun across Verdansk.

All players can take part and find Trick or Treat supply boxes that have a chance to drop new blueprints, charms, stickers, calling cards and emblems.

However, not all boxes will offer a player a reward.

Some may contain a brief scare so open the boxes at your own peril.

If you collect all 16 individual rewards you'll be awarded the 'Pumpkin Punisher' Legendary assault rifle blueprint.

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